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Peshawar City :

At the northern terminus of Shah Rahe-Sher Shah (Grand Trunk Road) proudly stands the city of Peshawar the capital and the largest city of Northwest Frontier Province.

Down the ages, Peshawar has occupied every prominent position in history of this part of the world. The city has seen the rise and fall of many dynasties. It has been the center of Ghandhara civilization and had been ruled by the Afghans, Mughals, Durranis, Sikhs and British's as till independence in 1947.

Its thousands year old history is full of old traditions and tales which are narrated in the Kahuekhavar of the famous Qissa Khwani Bazar. It has been a rendevous of several invading hordes and conquerors who pushed down the Khyber Pass to try their own.

Pushto is the major language spoken, nevertheless other languages like Hindko is second most common.The city of Peshawar until mid-fifties was enclosed with a medieval wall constructed of bricks with 16 gates, namely: Ramdas, Bariskian, Sardchah, Sarki, Kohati, Yakatoot, Gang, Lahori, Hashtnagri, Rampura, Rati, Kachari, Andarsher, Kabuli, Debgari and Bajauri but in recent years a lot of expansion has taken place and new colonies like Gulbahar and Yayatabad have been built out side and walled city. The city walls have been pulled down and most of the gates have disappeared.

Balahisar Fort

The mighty Balahisar Fort lies on both eastern and western approaches to Peshawar city. It meets the eye when coming from Punjab or Khyber. It is a massive frowning structure as it's name implies and the newcomer passing under the shadows of it's huge battlement and rampart cannot fail to be impressed. Originally built by Babar the first of the Mughals in 1526-30 A.D. it was rebuilt in it's present form by the Sikh governor of Peshawar Hari Singh Nalva. in 1830 A.D. under the guidance of French engineers. It houses the Frontier Corps Headquarters at present.

University of Pshawar

PESHAWAR UNIVERSITY: The Peshawar university founded in 1950 AD. Is the out growth of Islamia college, Peshawar which was established in 1913 AD. By late Nawab Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum khan. The first chief minister of NWFP. His namesake and another prominent political figure, Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan laid the foundation of the university during his tenure as chief minister of NWFP.

The university campus is spread over an area 1.000 acres. During the course of fifty years it has grown into big town ship. It is situated at a distance of about 8 kilometers from Peshawar cantonment along the Khyber road on the way to Khyber Pass. It is a resident university and all most all the teaching staff; student and employees live there.

Besides teaching requirements at the university, authorities have not over looked the sports and other extra curricular activities. Facilities for all types of recognized out door and in door games have been provided. College and university tournaments are held regularly in games like hockey, football, cricket, swimming, badminton, volleyball, basket ball, tennis boating, shooting and athletics. There are various types of unions and associations to provide the students debating forum. The university has a big library with nearly 100,000 books and manuscripts.
Mohabat khan mosque
The only significant remaining Mughal mosque in Peshawar was built by Mahabat Khan in 1670 A.D. when he was twice governor of Peshawar under Mughal emperor Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb. The mosque was nearly destroyed by Sikh's in 1898 AD and was only saved by unremitting efforts of the faithful. The extensive renovation of the mosque was done by the traditional craftsmen. The mosque is a fine specimen of Mughal Architecture of Shah Jehan period. The interior of the prayer chamber has been lavishly decorated with floral work and calligraphy.


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